Morphing Report - 22 - Sept - 97

When dealing with the concept of Morphing, there is an intrinsic correlation between image/volume morphing, and audio/timbre morphing. Where the former deals with the three-dimensions of visual perception, the latter deals with the three-dimensions of aural perception. This is the key to the link between both. While the internet contains few references to audio/timbre morphing, it is brimming with information on the visual end of things. With this in mind, it makes complete sense - recognising the link between both fields - to examine the volume morphing references, and make use of the developments in the visual field to aid what is being attempted in timbre morphing at present. Let us continue....

Volume Morphing on the Internet

1. Feature-Based Volume Metamorphosis

Authors: Apostolos Lerios, Chase D. Garfinkle, Marc Levoy.
Image metamorphosis, or image morphing, is a popular technique for creating a smooth transition between two images. For synthetic images,
transforming and rendering the underlying three-dimensional (3D) models has a number of advantages over morphing between two pre-rendered
images. In this paper we consider 3D metamorphosis applied to volume-based representations of objects. We discuss the issues which arise in volume
morphing and present a method for creating morphs.
The paper discusses image-feature based warping, linear cross dissolving and non-linear cross dissolving. Optimisation of these methods using Piecewise linear Approximation is one of the performance related topics discussed. - size 5K - 22-May-97 - English

2. Image Morphing References

A page dedicated to image morphing references. The 'Bible of Image Morphing' it seems. - size 5K - 16-Aug-95 - English

3. Graphics and Visualisation Group - Swansea

This research team has done much work in Volume Visualisation, Volume Morphing, 3D Object Reconstruction etc. The page gives an entire glossary of terms used in Graphics, to help understand the terminology of image/volume morphing. The research mentions that according to the use of control datasets, approaches to volume morphing can be classified into three categories, namely:
Timbre Morphing on the Internet

1. Timbre Morphing in Lemur

This page, goes into good detail to describe the morphing algorithm that makes up Lemur. From this page, one can step through 'Real Time Sinusoidal Synthesis', Lemur Synthesis Control Files', and 'Lemur Documentation Index' , which show all aspects of how the Lemur program actually opperates. - size 7K - 13-Jun-96 - English

2. Timbre Morphing Using The Lemur Representation

Authors: Edwin Tellman, Lippold Haken, Bryan Holloway. CERL Sound Group. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
We present an algorithm for morphing between sounds (timbre interpolation) using Lemur analysis/synthesis. The Lemur representation is made up of amplitude-and frequency-varying sinusoids. Our timbre morphing involves time-scale modification of sounds (to morph between differing attack rates and vibrato rates), as well as amplitude and frequency modification of individual sinusoidal components. Lemur is available via anonymous ftp at in the directory /pub/lemur.
This could be considered a summary of the Lemur program. Concise, without graphs, drawings, figures. - size 8K - 28-Jan-95 - English

3. Kelly's Incomplete Bibliography

Lemur Research Bibliography. This basically contains all the references that have been used in the developement of Lemur, including any papers the team have produced themselves on the subject. - size 8K - 5-May-97 - English

4. Audio Morphing

This talk describes the first real application of auditory scene analysis. Auditory scene analysis tells us what makes sounds split into multiple objects. - size 3K - 23-May-97 - English

The paper on Audio Morphing , which describes techniques to automatically morph from one sound to another, can be reached at 
This paper describes representations for morphing, techniques for matching, and algorithms for interpolating and morphing each sound component. Spectrographic images of a complete morph are shown at the end.

Other Morphing on the Internet

1. Common Music(CM) Tutorials
This set of tutorials, contains a set on Morphing, where the code is in particular for morphing betweek moving sets of notes. The code can be very interesting in terms of Timbre Morphing also though! - English